NanoPlayer - Release Overview

Please find more about the stream switching & ABR feature in our documentation.


Release Notes

Version 4.5 implements seamless ABR and stream switching for iOS and iPadOS devices which works with 2 video elements internally. In special use cases where external video elements are used for playback an array of maximal two external video element IDs can be provided via the playback.videoId config property. Important note: On iOS devices the default z-index of the video layer had to be changed from 0 to 1. In case of using custom controls or overlays please make sure to use a z-index > 1.

The new ABR mode, adaption rule, 'deviationOfMean2' has been added. The new rule is slightly less strict and especially recommended for streams that are already more volatile on the source/ingest side.

This version adjusts the default timeout for stream switch request to 20 seconds to improve the overall switching behavior.

The style.displayMutedAutoplay config property is re-enabled which shows a muted audio symbol in case of muted autoplay. The style.displayMutedAutoplay option can be disabled to maintain the recent behaviour. The handling of mute states and autoplay has been improved.

Version 4.5.6 is adding internal improvements for stream swiching and connection handling on iOS.









Release Package 4.5.6

Online API 4.5.6


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