NanoPlayer - Release Overview

Please find more about the stream switching & ABR feature in our documentation.


Release Notes

By enabling the source.options.switch.forcePlay config property a paused playback starts after the execution of a 'switchStream' or 'updateSource' request. This obviates the need for an additional play call. To improve the overall switching behavior paused switch completion has been added, meaning a pending 'switchStream' or 'updateSource' request will be completed as the player enters the paused state. The related completion event either 'switchStreamSuccess' or 'updateSourceSuccess' will be emitted to the application level.

This version prevents an occasional CPU load issue on Firefox. To provide additional information to the client metrics the new public event 'onServerInfo' has been added. Version 4.6.1 implements an updated version of the Bintu-Client API internally.




Release Package 4.6.1


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